Aviation Consulting

Business Growth

We can help you grow your own business through hands on development and implementation of sales and marketing plans. We can represent your business in our marekets. We  can support product or brand awareness and image campaigns or  product launches in new markets as well as new operational start ups in most geographical markets.

We also represent a very small selection of high quality suppliers across Europe, USA and Middle East. We are able to add one or two additional suppliers who can offer high quality products or services relevant to a cross section of aviation sector players.

We carefully evaluate products before we can agree to represent additional suppliers and in fairness to existing customers we will not under any circumstances represent competing products.

We can work with you on a variety of different  fee structures including an element of “success fee”

We won’t take on your product if we don’t believe in the product or if we don’t believe we can obtain business for you.

  • New Customer winning strategies and implementation for your core business
  • Key Account management processes implemented and project managed
  • Tenders and RFP project managed by a team with a very high win/lose ratio, Airport Licenses, Customer tenders, Customer renewals
  • Product launches in new markets
  • Sales and marketing campaigns from concept to implementation
  • Operational start ups
  • Post acquisition strategy implementation