Aviation Consulting


The aviation industry is a complex and fast changing environment for IT systems. Our expertise is gained through many years in the sector and we can help you de-risk projects, avoid failures or costly over-runs

We offer in depth experience in IT with a wide range of specialism’s. We have managed in-house systems, bought external systems and developed winning and cost effective strategies for IT development. IT is often a business differentiator meaning you can meet your customers expectations better, more reliably and with lower costs than your competitors. Our approach is pragmatic rather than academic and very results oriented. It’s all about the business benefits and not at all about IT other than to serve the needs of the business.

Internal investment or external purchase? Many companies have their own internal IT departments but this is not always the lowest cost/best contribution way of working. External suppliers can bring new competences at market prices with flexibility between fixed and variable coats
  • Evaluation what’s on the market
  • Gap analysis
  • Project Manage tenders and RFP for your IT needs
  • Evaluate responses to tenders/RFP
  • What’s marketing hype and what can suppliers really deliver?
  • Project management from tender through Implementation that achieves the benefits that justify the purchase
  • Supplier management
  • Project risk analysis
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Web site specification, purchase negotiation and project management