Aviation Consulting

Company Disposals

As with acquisitions a company disposal takes many hours of management time if the best price and conditions are to be achieved. We often see decisions rushed as a result of time conflicts between the disposal and day to day management work.

We  ensure that you get the best price and most advantageous terms in line with your disposal strategy whilst you ensure the day to day business is not compromised by this additional workload. You make all the decisions but you have additional resources with experience working hard but for a controlled cost.

  • Identifying potential buyers
  • Confidential first Contacts with targets
    • To maintain your anonymity
    • To manage their expectations
    • To Develop the business case to support the price and strategy
  • Market research and analysis
  • Project management of first Contact through Integration
    • Price and terms negotiation
    • Letter of Intent negotiation
    • Heads Of terms
    • Purchase Agreement