Aviation Consulting


More than 50% of all Company acquisitions fail to meet shareholders expectations. To complete a successful acquisition takes  an enormous effort and long hours. Often this effort can impact the normal day to day business as management time is taken to meet deadlines imposed by vendors or even your own shareholders. And dont forget integration planning and implementation of the newly acquired operation.

Our support is pragmatic and based on experience of many successful acquisitions AND we don’t pursue an acquisition that clearly is not going to be viable. Some of our best acquisition decisions have been to simply say “No thanks”

We can project manage the various milestones, from Letter of Intent through Heads of Terms and final Purchase Agreements. Then we can work with you to ensure the integration benefits assumed to justify the acquisition. We work alongside your lawyers but we don’t charge the lawyers hourly rate and find that unless you want a top 5 law firm we are actually more experienced and better negotiators

  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Market and target research and analysis
  • Confidential first Contacts with targets
    • To maintain your anonymity
    • To manage their expectations
    • To develop the business case to support the price and strategy
  • Project management of first Contact through Integration
    • Price and terms negotiation
    • Letter of Intent negotiation
    • Heads Of terms
    • Purchase Agreement
    • Post acquisition Integration to achieve the expected benefits.