Aviation Consulting

Strategy and planning

We believe strategy and planning should be something that drives the business every day in every decision at every level. Strategy is best when it is simple and straight forward as best results follow when strategy is understood throughout the organisation so that decisions are easy at all levels. Strategy is NOT a 100 pages of detail that are confined to a dusty shelf. If you want  a big detailed complicated set of documents that will never be looked at after we have gone then we will give you a phone number for one of the big expensive generalist consultancies.

We offer aviation expertise, pragmatism and support with implementation so that strategy is something that is embedded in the business and is a guiding principle for all decisions. And we can stay with the project through implementation so we take accountability for the achievability of what we recommend. If you keep doing what you have always done then you will always get what you always got!

  • Company, product  or divisional strategy
  • Revised strategies for tough economic times
  • Exit Strategies for shareholders
  • Change management
  • Managing downsizing
  • Strategies for a winning start up
  • New product strategies
  • Strategy for filling new Cargo facilities
  • Business Development strategies
  • Winning formal tenders and RFP etc from Airports and airlines